Posted by: drewmccoy | October 29, 2006

what i’m reading

about to finish Cormac McCarthy’s THE ROAD and Larry Brown’s JOE. then onto either THIRTEEN MOONS or William Gay’ TWILIGHT, whichever arrives on my door step first.

very excited for Gay’s TWILIGHT it’s been a few years since his last book which was very good, but something about this one, I don’t know, guess it just shouts “Southern Gothic”. more later…..

Posted by: drewmccoy | October 27, 2006


Looks like the site is live, yeah? Or somewhat. There are some shorts waiting to be read over at more to come….

Posted by: drewmccoy | October 21, 2006

First Post. Welcome.

So, yeah, my first post on my blog. In the near future, hopefully, you’ll find on this blog, stories, excperts from my novel, and thoughts on writing. maybe even some guest blogs from some writer friends of mine. till then…

Posted by: drewmccoy | October 19, 2006

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog

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