Posted by: drewmccoy | March 23, 2007


Finished William Gay’s TWILIGHT a while back, and man, thought it was perfect. The prose, the dialogue, the tension, just a perfect southern gothic thriller. Even came with a great bad guy we all love to hate, Sutter. Moved on to Jon Clinch’s FINN and Robert Olmstead’s COAL BLACK HORSE and, guess it’s safe to say I’m still hooked on Southern lit, been meaning to dive into Chuck Hogan’s new book THE KILLING MOON too, when I have a moment. Hogan’s great, if you haven’t read him, do so. As far as movies, slowly getting my way through COME EARLY MORNING which as far as I can tell has everything I want in southern love stories. And, too, Tim Orr shot it, and Tim Orr never seems to falter when the camera is on his shoulder.

 For me, though, working on a new book, A WINTER’S BALLAD, it’s moving along at a good clip. Also, working on a feature  script with my writing partner Chris Gazzo, if all goes as planned this script should be taut, different, offering up something for everybody. Till then…..

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