Posted by: drewmccoy | April 18, 2009

How to be Loved & Jack and Jen

My short story “How to be Loved” is being adapted into a short film titled JACK AND JEN by T5G productions. I’m super excited to announce that filming started Thursday night and the director, Chris Gazzo, sent me a two minute clip from the shoot and I’m speechless. To see something I wrote come to life on screen is an amazing feeling. And I can’t wait to see the finished product. T5G makes quality films, it should be good.

Posted by: drewmccoy | February 7, 2009

Murray State and MFA Programs

I got word early this week that I was accecpted into the low res program at Murray State University. I’m very excited to attend to MSU and receive my MFA in creative writing. I’m hoping this opportunity will open some doors for me in the world of writing and publishing and possibly lead to a job teaching creative writing. I’m also looking forward to working with my friend, and gifted writer Richard Thomas.

Posted by: drewmccoy | January 27, 2009

Southern Gothic Comp

My short story, “The Long Way Home” placed second in a southern gothic comp and has been published in an anthology titled SOUTHERN GOTHIC SHORTS. You can find it here

I may have another short coming out late this summer in another anthology.

Posted by: drewmccoy | February 29, 2008

No Award

It’s been a long time, yeah? My play, “The Long Way Home” did not win the Heidman Award nor is up for production. But, it was still up for the award, yeah?

My short, “How to be Loved” is under preproduction by These5Guys Productions out of NY. If things go as planned they should start shooting soon. All the locations have been locked and all the characters have been filled. I’m very excited about this project. These5Guys Productions turns out topnotch work day in and day out.

As for me, still plugging away on my manuscript. It’s coming along. Hope to be done by August. Till then….

Posted by: drewmccoy | August 10, 2007

2007 Heideman Award Finalist

My play The Long Way Home is a 2007 Heideman Award Finalist and up for prodcution in the Humana Festival of New American Plays and the National Ten Play contest. Fingers are crossed, rabbits feet are stuffed in pockets, all wood has been knocked on.

 Starting another play soon. Really enjoyed the format of this genre, found it to be a great medium between fiction and screenwriting. More later. Till then…..

Posted by: drewmccoy | August 8, 2007

In the land of hope

new short up at Southern Hum.

Posted by: drewmccoy | March 23, 2007


Finished William Gay’s TWILIGHT a while back, and man, thought it was perfect. The prose, the dialogue, the tension, just a perfect southern gothic thriller. Even came with a great bad guy we all love to hate, Sutter. Moved on to Jon Clinch’s FINN and Robert Olmstead’s COAL BLACK HORSE and, guess it’s safe to say I’m still hooked on Southern lit, been meaning to dive into Chuck Hogan’s new book THE KILLING MOON too, when I have a moment. Hogan’s great, if you haven’t read him, do so. As far as movies, slowly getting my way through COME EARLY MORNING which as far as I can tell has everything I want in southern love stories. And, too, Tim Orr shot it, and Tim Orr never seems to falter when the camera is on his shoulder.

 For me, though, working on a new book, A WINTER’S BALLAD, it’s moving along at a good clip. Also, working on a feature  script with my writing partner Chris Gazzo, if all goes as planned this script should be taut, different, offering up something for everybody. Till then…..

Posted by: drewmccoy | January 15, 2007

The Long Way Home & the Unfortunate Circus

My short story “The Long Way Home” has been selected to appear in an upcoming anthology titled the Unfortunate Cirucs.

I just signed and mailed the contract out today. It should hit bookshelves spring 07′. Needless to say I’m very exicted.

Posted by: drewmccoy | November 27, 2006

The Long Way Home

as promised, my play, “The Long Way Home” has been added to the “works” section. i’m currently adapting this same story to a short piece of fiction, which i hope to submit to a publisher to be included in a anthology of short stories.

Posted by: drewmccoy | November 2, 2006

ten min play contest

yesterday i sent off my play, “The Long Way Home” to the Ten Min Play Contest, guess this thing was nation wide, I thought it was only in Louisville but appartently not. not sure how good my play is, first time i had ever written one. but the journey was fun. i think i’m going to post the play so some new eyes can read it. i’ve also written this same story as a short script and a short story, maybe i’ll post all three. till then….

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